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the best pizza in all of Eisenstadt

PANNOLIO pizza food truck

Find our pizza food truck and enjoy our Neapolitan pizza, made with regional ingredients from the Pannonian region.

That is quality. That's taste. This is fair remuneration for our farmers. This is unique. See for yourself.

PANNOLIO pizza food truck

We not only produce Austria's first olive oil, but are a whole network of farmers who all have something great to offer. With PANNOLIO PIZZA we have developed a unique “Farm2Table” concept from which everyone benefits. Unbeatable fresh quality and regional products directly from the farmer.

With the Pannolio Pizza, we have not only taken the high level of pizza craftsmanship to the forefront, but have also created a Pannonian pizza using predominantly regional ingredients that you will definitely never forget!

Our pizza food truck near you:

Café im Hof, Hauptstraße 26, 7000 Eisenstadt

Find our pizza food truck near you here!

Pizza workshops

With our pizza workshops we want to share all our knowledge about our Pannolio pizza.

from December 2023

Pizza Express

You've wanted it for a long time - now it's here: The best delivery pizza in the Eisenstadt area! Order now and enjoy!

Tip: For a balanced enjoyment, we recommend our wines to match the pizzas!

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