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Achieving more together

Become part of the Pannolio cooperative

Revolutionizing Austria's agriculture takes more than just a good idea. Become part of our cooperative and produce your own olive oil.

Being successful means being able to adapt.

Everyone is welcome in our cooperative! No matter whether you farm yourself, want to plant your olive trees in your garden, or you would like to support our project financially with your company. Arrange your personal consultation now and become part of our olive oil cooperative!

Our Curias:

Customers and private individuals

Are you convinced by our products and our idea? We are of course happy about every member who supports our cooperative and would like to benefit from the advantages for our members.

PANNOLIO olive oil is very limited, especially in the first few years, so we have decided to offer it exclusively to our PANNOLIO cooperative members. As a member you have the exclusive chance to purchase our oil. We supply our members in the strict order of the drawing. You also have the opportunity to buy the olives from your
Harvest an olive tree from your garden and have it made into your own olive oil in our PANNOLIO olive oil press.

To subscribe to shares in our cooperative, as a customer or private individual you simply need to fill out the form below and send it back to us by email. After paying the entry fee, you will receive your official certificate and your benefits as a member.

Our Curias:


If you are planning to take a step into the future and expand your agriculture by planting olive trees, PANNOLIO is the right contact for you.

Thanks to many years of experience with the cultivated plant in various vineyards in Austria, we not only provide you with the knowledge we have already accumulated, we are also responsible for ensuring the quality and market price for Austrian olive oil and for remunerating our farmers fairly for their product.

Our Curias:


Planting olive trees in the local area gives your community a special, distinctive flair.

Especially for communities, our cooperative offers the opportunity to transform your location into a tourist highlight. Planting olive trees in the local area gives your community a special, distinctive flair. You then have the opportunity to market your own city olive oil, which is grown directly in the local area.

Take advantage of the opportunity and make your community an olive town. We would be happy to advise you on the options.

Our Curias:

investors and companies

Support our project and, thanks to your investment, bring us faster to our goal - healthy self-sufficiency in Austrian agriculture.

For companies and people who would like to support our project by subscribing to at least 50 shares, our cooperative offers its own curia with particularly strong voting rights.

We would be happy to advise you on this topic and work with you to develop a concept for your investment.


Frequently asked questions and answers about our cooperative

become a member

We are pleased to meet you. We would be happy to advise you personally about the possibilities of our cooperative. To do this, we need a few key details from you in advance:

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