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Buy an olive tree on site & Pannolio Pizza

Austria's largest range of olive trees

At our locations in 7000 Eisenstadt and 7061 Trausdorf you will find the largest selection of hardy olive trees in Austria. We have a variety of hardy olive tree varieties as one- or two-year-old cuttings, as well as perennial or monumental, old olive trees that come from a cold region in northern Spain.

Let yourself be enchanted by the selection when you visit our olive location and enjoy our pannolio pizza.

Pannolio Eisenstadt

Sales from the farm, online shop collections, olive experience

Axerweg 45, 7000 Eisenstadt

0677 64332700

Opening hours:
By telephone arrangement.

From April 2024

Pannolio Trausdorf

Olive tree sales, pizza workshops, events, food truck

7061 Trausdorf an der Wulka

0677 64332700

Opening hours:
coming soon

Assortment on site

At our locations in Eisenstadt and Trausdorf you will find a large selection of older olive trees from cold regions of France and Spain. Since a young tree can best get used to the respective microclimate, we also have some varieties in our range as 2- or 3-year-old trees, which we have preferred here in Eisenstadt.

We are looking forward to your visit!

from December 2023

Pizza Express

Thu - Mon 6:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m

You've wanted it for a long time - now it's here: The best delivery pizza in the Eisenstadt area! Order now and enjoy! Tip: For a balanced enjoyment, we recommend our wines to match the pizzas!