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team building

Pizza workshops for schools

In our pizza workshop, which we have specially adapted for school classes, we guide young people through the commercial and technical aspects of pizza production. Of course, a lot of teamwork is required.

In our pizza workshop, which we have specially adapted for school classes, we start the workshop with an introduction to the most important and basic things in baking pizza: the ingredients and their purpose, the equipment and their operation.

Three groups are then formed which are divided into different tasks. The aim is to work as efficiently and cleanly as possible through teamwork, similar to a large pizzeria at peak times, so that beautifully baked pizzas continuously leave the oven and are then eaten together by the students.

Group 1: dough group

This group takes care of the preparation of the dough as described in the handout.

They are also responsible for “working” the dough that has already been prepared for the second group (shaping it into a pizza).

Group 2: Evidence group

This group has the task of preparing the ingredients cleanly and appropriately cut so that they can work quickly. Furthermore, the pizza must be prepared for the third group for final processing. This includes loading the pizza onto the shovel evenly, with little remaining flour.

Group 3: Furnace group

The oven group is responsible for heating the oven, keeping an eye on the temperature and keeping the baking surface clean. Since this is usually the “boss” task and the oven needs time to heat up, this group is also given the task of asking all classmates which pizza topping combination they would like to eat, using the handout to advise them, and dividing up the groups in which chronological order the pizzas should be placed become.

The oven group must take over the pizzas from the toppings group, load them into the oven, turn them halfway through the baking time and then take them out of the oven at the right time.

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